5 mio DRESS tokens with a 45% bonus, for an end price of $0.069 per token

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Token Information
Token name: DRESS
Final crowdsale price of DRESS Token: 0.10 USD
Currencies accepted: ETH, BTC, FIAT
Token format: ERC-20 Standard

Once the private sale is concluded, projectdresscode will announce a Security Token Offering open to the wider public.


Private deals

Fall/Winter 2018-19

Start of the public presale & crowdsale

What to do with all those tokens?

Get DRESSed, right now!

  • Bid for or buy exclusive items on the Dresscode platform
  • Lock tokens to scoop up great benefits, like moving way up the wait-list for things your really want.
  • Earn tokens by spreading the word on social media, and by sharing product info on the Projectdresscode social platform.
    The more you share the more you get.
  • Brands and stores can use tokens to market and certify their products.
  • Media agencies/companies and other advertisers can buy tokens as subrsciber gifts and other promotions.

Projectdresscode Token Economy

Token Economy

When and where can I trade my tokens?

You will be able to trade your DRESS tokens in the first month after the end of the crowdsale.

How are we going to generate demand for DRESS tokens?

  • A limited number of DRESS tokens will be issued.
  • Marketing activities aimed at raising awareness and desirability of DRESS tokens.

    Bounty program (community growth via promotion - more users will need DRESS tokens in order to use the app).

    Growing list of fashion brands on the platform, collaborations and brand ambassadors.

  • By expanding the use of DRESS tokens.

    By selecting just the right exclusive items for our target group to generate a large volume of bids.

    By increasing the number of places where tokens can be used as a method of payment.

    By increasing the volume of brands and items on the platform.

  • Brands will have to stake tokens for their presence on the platform, which will result in less tokens in circulation.

Token info

Token name
Total tokens
Total tokens supply
Soft Cap
Hard Cap
Final price of token in Crowdsale
Currency accepted in private
Currency accepted in public
Price ETH<>USD Lock
Average ETH price (14 days)
ICO blockchain
Ethereum (ERC-20)
Unsold tokens
Locked for 2 years & reserved for community growth

Tranches & Bonuses

Stages Tokens in tranches Token price (USD) Total USD in tranches % total tokens Bonus
Private presale
45,000,000 $0.067 $3,000,000 15.00% 50
Public presale
56,500,000 $0.077 $4,500,000 19.50% 30
76,500,000 $0.100 $7,650,000 25.50% 0
Total 180,000,000 $15,150,000 60.00%



Distribution of tokens

Group Clif Vesting period Vesting schedule
Founders No clif 2 years Monthly
Core team No clif 2 years Monthly
Advisors No clif 6 months Monthly
Other No clif Immediately (locked) Unlocks at the end of crowdsale or one week after
Marketing No clif 1 year Monthly
Operations No clif 1 year Monthly
Unsold tokens
Ecosystem 2 years 2 years Immediately
ICO backers
Private No clif Immediately (locked) Unlocks at the end of crowdsale or one week after
Presale No clif Immediately (locked) Unlocks at the end of crowdsale or one week after
Crowdsale No clif Immediately (locked) Unlocks at the end of crowdsale or one week after