Core Team

Manca Krnel

General Manager & Editor, BA classical ballet and related subjects, MA cultural studies

Morphing form a professional ballerina into an uncompromisingly opinionated editor in chief at various lifestyle and trade magazines she’s always been sharpening the same subject - a narrative choreography of visuals and words. At projectdresscode she runs the show. 

Stefano Tosseli

CBDO, Growth Strategies & Strategic Alliances

CEO and founder of Toselli Studio, a consulting company based in Bologna, founded in 1983. Toselli Studio manages, supports and gives consultation to designers, has years of experience in the acquisition and sale of brands, companies, and projects of licensing in the development of emerging brands in the fashion industry.

Aljaž Finc

Business Development Director Stella McCartney

Aljaž has brought some brains, wit and panache back to fashion sale management. He is always determined to do things his own way. Ironically it’s his refusal to compromise for the sake of the market that has led Aljaž straight into the arms of the most incredible fashion empires such as Stella Mccartney and alike.

Sebastian Heyden


He has always been fascinated by the notion of programming freedom. Together with the team of DEBLOCKIT he is technical consultant for industry partners who want to explore DLT. In cooperation with EOSViet he accelerates Blockchain startups in Vietnam. He is currently focused on the integration of hardware with DLT and building developer tools for the next million Dapps.

Jan Jagodič

Artistic direction and graphics

A total prince of all things print. Jan has achieved numerous awards for best graphics an holds an extensive portfolios as a director of his small and smart boutique agency called Kabient 01, specializing in distinctive design and communication solutions. He seeds and nurtures larger branding scenarios, carving out unique logos and entire identities.

Jeff Bickert

Editor of all things sexy

A vital partner for content creation. He possess highly developed and thus accurate instinct for thoughts, things, images and words that smell just a bit boring. Jeff takes them, flips them, twists them, replaces them, throws them away if necessary, so they happen to blow our minds. He is as certified mindblower for all who are interested in the juice of life.

Gal Ambrožič

Community Manager

A walking fashion encyclopedia with a fondness for streetwear and everything beautiful. He spends his days keeping up with the latest trends whilst skating through the streets of Ljubljana with his crew.

Martin Košir

Virtual Scenarios up on the Web

Aa a part of a boutique agency Kabinet 01 he alongside his ling-time big love of all things print, engages in digital and constructs compelling stories rolling you finger form the web web landing to your mailbox

Jan Virant


A Crypto enthusiast with a strong graphic design back bone. At Kabinet 01 he is the one who pours complex nets of future economy into to graphic language understandable to all. He likes wrapping things up and he is good at it.

Luna Bisaki Degrassi

Community Manager

Student of textile and clothing planning. A go-getter who loves hard work. Except for her passion for fashion, she has a weakness for all things unusual & loves standing out from the crowd. Her biggest goal is to leave a positive and long-term impact on the world.

Enisa Palamar

Office Manager

In her killer outfits, she brings a smile to everyone's face while managing to keep the workplace atmosphere relaxed and fresh with her witty jokes and comments.

Tina Osojnik

Head of Legal

International lawyer with MBA education, loves business and its constant dynamics, drives on the edge, adores heated discussion, but always knows right from wrong. Martial art master, dance lover, hard worker, pluviophile. Believer in greater purpose.


Heewon Kim

Navigator Through the Big World of Fashion

Best known for her smart and sophisticated choices as an editor at Vogue South Korea, and as a creative director at various globally renowned multi-brand fashion stores. Currently she serves as a consultant at MSGM and as a face for Estée Lauder. A woman who’s all about beauty and style, always hard to catch between the most fabulous of fashion metropolises.

Juergen Hoebarth

Tokenization evangelist & Advisor

Having a profound and solid experience in the digital Startup ecosystem allows him to have an edge in understanding and being able to evaluate and rate upcoming ICOs. He also speaks on the potential of newer cryptocurrencies such as EOS, IOTA, NEO and Cardano as well as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Raluca Pitulan


The CEO and the Founder of Ralucavision, an intercontinental luxury concierge and lifestyle management company. Raluca choses to donate her opulent and refined vision of what she regards as a prime luxury experience to anyone willing to embark on an unprecedented journey of A-list suppliers of a range of luxury services.

Tony Gim


The Director of Sales and Marketing at iCOIN, an ICO viral marketing team based in South Korea. Tony’s main focus is plugging carefully chosen project and products into Korean market with a strategy consistent with their culture specific background and exceptional skill in the world of blockchain.

Ana Antič


Freelance celebrity stylist, fashion design consultant, fashion adviser and personal shopper. Currently styling for and advising at Dior Madrid.

Sebastiano Leddi


"The man who has worked a thousand different jobs", splits his time between working in public relations; as a producer for renowned international fashion photographers; and as an event manager for some of the coolest parties going on in Milan. Currently he works also as an agent at Multi s.r.l.



Marketing and Advertising Partner

Cirkus is an independent, non-government (NGO), civil society and non-profit organization whose sights are set on bringing together the worlds of art and advertising without making distinctions between elite, popular and alternative cultures.

Bright Visuals

Innovative Production Company & Creative Team

While they make your companies, brands and stories stand out, their aim is not only to satisfy but to always go above and beyond expectations. They search for ideas and visualise stories. Although they find themselves working mostly within EU, various projects have given them experiences all around the world.